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From white-label creative expertise for agency clients to bespoke website development, Alex Keys and the Keys Creative network are your go-to strategists in the world of storytelling, online and offline. With a knack for impactful creative and a storied past in both political and marketing consulting, Alex and his network are not just partners but architects of your success. Dive into a collaboration where innovation meets strategy, and every campaign resonates deeply, leaving an unforgettable imprint.

brand direction

Keys Creative provides insightful brand strategy services, leveraging deep market analysis and creative thinking to develop compelling brand identities and narratives that resonate with target audiences and drive long-term growth.


Keys Creative's advertising services excel in delivering the right message to the right audience on the right medium, ensuring impactful engagement through tailored strategies and creative execution.


Keys Creative offers unparalleled web development services, having successfully completed over 1,000 web projects, each tailored to meet specific client needs with innovative design and robust functionality.


Keys Creative provides expert political and management consulting services, leveraging Alex's vast experience and strategic insights to guide campaigns and organizations towards achieving their goals with precision and effectiveness.


Alex Keys


Alex Keys is a prodigious creative strategist, graphic designer, and political consultant.

From an early age, Alex demonstrated an innate talent for web development, founding Keys Creative to expand his clientele and create impactful campaigns. At just 13 years old, he created websites for his uncle and cousin and spearheaded his cousin's successful campaign for public office against a 20-year incumbent on Facebook. This groundbreaking achievement earned him the moniker "Facebook kid" within Kentucky political circles.

By 15, Alex ventured into political consulting, offering his strategies to candidates running for the state legislature. He has since worked with campaigns in almost every state legislative district in Kentucky, as well as Gubernatorial, Congressional, and state legislative campaigns across the United States.

As a key member of the Grit Creative team, Alex led the digital division during the company's successful launch. Over the years, he has diversified his skills and expanded his expertise to encompass other facets of the advertising industry, including brand design and direct mail consulting. He has produced thousands of direct mail pieces that have reached millions of households and hundreds of digital ads that have served billions of impressions.

Alex's exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed, and he is frequently called upon to lend his creative expertise to other advertising agencies, acting as an extra set of hands or creative director to contribute to the successful execution of advertising campaigns.

Alex is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where he studied Economics, Political Science, and Finance. His background in economics provides him with a unique perspective on policy issues, and he is known for his ability to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. He is deeply passionate about creative development and econometrics and keeps up-to-date with their latest trends.

Through his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, value-driven services, Alex has made a significant impact in the world of advertising and political consulting, maintaining one of the youngest arrivals to his niche. His work continues to inspire and benefit many individuals and organizations, earning him a reputation synonymous with success.

Originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and now residing in East Nashville, Tennessee, Alex has quickly fallen in love with the area's vibrant culture and enjoys entertaining guests, exploring the local food and bar scene, and networking with the community.